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Tailored Concierge Services

From booking luxury hotel acommodations and outstanding apartments, reservation in the finest restaurants in Switzerland, to the provision of sporting events tickets, our tailored concierge services are designed to meet all your requests and to offer you quintessential experiences. We strive to save your precious time by taking care of all the details.


Limousine Services

Our top quality limousine services are tailored to the requirements of business travellers and holidaymakers in Switzerland. We ensure smooth, comfortable and safe transportation adapted to your corporate and personal needs. Be it punctual airport transfers, VIP limousine service or wedding limousine, the one thing in common is that you always reach your destination  on time.


Chauffeur Service

You need a reliable chauffeur to entrust him with your vehicle, well, our professional chauffeurs are your optimal choice. They always show courtesy, discretion and respect whenever you ride with them. Our private drivers  are highly experienced and certified, you can hire them for your personal or corporate needs and rest assured that they will take you to your destination safely and without delay.

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Travel Tour Service

Enjoy the pleasure of travel in Switzerland, discover the country with its huge mountains, the alps, the marvelous landscapes, the famous cities and more, all in our upscale limousines and with professional chauffeurs and multilingual guides. Take pleasure in sightseeing and embark on customized journeys while enjoying the comfort and luxury of our vehicles. Unique experiences are waiting for you.

Security Service

Safety is a key element in your everyday life, thus we provide our individual and corporate clients with foolproof security services. We have what it takes to ensure your safety on road and off road, during your personal or business events. Our certified and well-trained security agents handle the surveillance of residential and corporate premises, guaranteeing a safe environment for all.


World Economic Forum

Our concierge services cover many trade shows and big events like the World Economic Forum. We make sure to assist you every year during Davos meeting by offering multiple high quality services to facilitate everything for you. We put at your disposal our large fleet of limousines, together with professional chauffeurs, security agents and we even manage all your hotel accommodation requests.

Medical Service

According to your requests and requirements, we can match you with the suitable doctor or medical center in Switzerland. Our concierge will take care of the appointments, provides you with medical advice and the necessary healthcare assistance. Our credible medical services are designed to ensure healthy lifestyles and the well-being for all.

Luxury Vehicle Rental

Swiss Concierge Service puts at your disposal a stunning fleet of luxury vehicles available for rental and adapted to different types of travel. You can rent a helicopter or a private jet for air travel, boats and yachts for sea and high end cars for ground transportation. We also provide you with highly experienced chauffeurs and pilots. Enjoy unique experiences thanks to our world-class multi-modal transport.
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Bespoke Education Service

Need specific career advice, looking for a private tutor, want to enroll in reputable universities, whatever your requirements are, we can find you the perfect match. We provide you with customized education packages adapted to your level and to your needs. Whether you would like to study at home, online or in the best universities, just give us a call. Together, we establish your successful career.